Interupted by the Sound of War

Looking out into Lebanon and Syria from the Golan Heights in Israel, Israeli military strategist Elliot Chodoff is interrupted by the sound of war.

“Was that a bomb?”

Yes, it was. My group of 30 Americans is in shock. None of us knew what to do. Chodoff tries to dowse our panic and confusion. First, he says, “It’s a quiet day. If you hear a bomb, it’s okay because it didn’t hit you!” That didn’t help us! Let’s get out of here!

Don’t worry, we stayed (and lived!).

He explained over 60 terrorist organizations are all fighting each other on the other side of the United Nations Observer Force Zone (the white camp in the picture below is the U.N.). Their reason for war with each other stems from a multitude of things including ethnicity.


Chodoff described the scene and said this is the only location in the world you can see Hezbollah and Al Qaeda in the same spot. With the U.N. right in the middle, exact borders are fuzzy, but even without the U.N., Syria doesn’t recognize Israel’s existence anyway. The heart of the matter is many leaders in the Middle East refusing to make any compromise with the Jewish State. See this post for more on this seemingly unsolvable problem.

“For a thousand miles in every direction, we have chaos.”

Many Americans have heard about the Syrian refugee crisis and that is because of failed leadership in the region and the rise of terrorist organizations who hate Jews and in some cases, hate each other. Read this post for more on “Israeli’s Compassion For Enemies.”


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